Your Pets Feel The Winter Chill!

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Has winter arrived early?  As we start to pull out the old tracky dacks and shake the moth balls from our winter woollies don’t forget your pooch or puss is also feeling the winter chill.

Even though my two little dogs have long coats they still feel the cold and like to wear their stylish little jackets and snuggle up to their blanket at night.

Here are some tips to help keep your fur friend warm, happy and healthy this winter:

– Just like you, most pets appreciate being able to head indoors as the temperature drops.  It is especially important to bring young pups and kittens in from the cold.  If your pooch or puss is not usually allowed indoors then a nice warm spot in the laundry is a perfect alternative.

Please Bring Me In From The Cold!

Please Bring Me In From The Cold!

– If your dog spends his time outside, then make sure his bed or kennel is raised off of the ground and the location is sheltered away from the elements, cold drafts and dew.  He will also welcome a warm blanket to snuggle into.

– Elderly pets really feel the cold and symptoms of arthritis often worsen.  Soft supportive bedding is very important along with gentle exercise to ensure those old joints don’t stiffen up.  Speak to your vet if your pet is feeling discomfort.

– Arctic breeds such as Huskies have a thick double coat that acts as natural insulation keeping them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Dogs with a short coat or lean body mass, such as Greyhounds require extra protection to keep them warm.  You do not need to be a teeny tiny handbag doggie on the arm of a celebrity to enjoy the benefits of a warm sweater.  There are so many types of dog sweaters on the market these days you are bound to find one that suits your pooch.

Practical AND Stylish!

Practical AND Stylish!

– Your pet may not require a bath as often during winter though grooming is still important.  A good weekly brush sheds loose hairs and massages the skin distributing sebum to ease dry itchy skin.

– Even in the cooler months fleas are still active and cause your pet grief.  Flea eggs sit dormant hatching in the thousands when the weather heats up and now suddenly you have a flea infestation to deal with.  Keep on top of fleas all year round with a good flea and tick treatment such as Frontline.

– Trying to stay warm uses more energy.  For outdoor pets additional food may be necessary to provide the energy levels essential to keep warm.  On the other hand indoor pets are generally less active and therefore require less energy.  Keep an eye on their weight and adjust food intake as necessary.

Last of all….

– Keep up the exercise!  A dog with no way to burn up energy is more inclined to get into trouble.

Get Out In The Crisp Fresh Air!

Get Out In The Crisp Fresh Air!

“This sponsored post was brought to you by Frontline.
If conditions persist, please seek advice from your local vet”.

Author Bio:  Nikki is pack leader at Pressplay Pets, a blog for the modern age pet parent interested in health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting.  She is also proud mum to cute and cheeky Papillons ‘Amber’ and ‘Indy’ and one crazy Rainbow Lorikeet named ‘Ralph’!  Follow my Facebook and Twitter.


Pressplay Pets a blog for the modern age pet parent interested in health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting!

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    Our weather is just warming up so it’s important to keep fleas and ticks at bay.

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