Pet Obesity- Fighting the Fat

As pet owners, we always strive to provide what we can for our pets. We ensure that they are in a warm environment and that they are well looked after. In fact, many of us treat them as fully fledged members of the family. We bath them, groom them, we even take them on holiday. In spite of wanting to provide the very best for our pets, and attempting to include them in our day-to-day activities, there can be instances where we are doing more harm than good. While owners may believe that there is no negative impact of treating pets with human food, the reality is that the food is too high in fat for pets and can cause long term damage to the animal’s health. With recent studies indicating that pet obesity continues to rise, owners must make a concerted effort to educate and inform themselves on the issue.

At Greyhounds as Pets, we have created this infographic in order to help owners to better understand the negative impact that overfeeding and unsuitable foods can have on pets. We have included information on recommended calorie intake for pets, as well as some of the signs and risks relating to pet obesity. Simple changes in habit can help to reverse the pet obesity trend. We hope that our exercise tips, and meal time tricks will help owners to fight the fat.

Infographic proudly supplied by Greyhounds As Pets. 


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