Who’s A Big Girl Now?

  • Amber Decembe4r 2013
    Who Could Resist This Face?
  • Got My Stocking Ready!
    Have I Been Naughty Or Nice?
  • Amber & Santa 2013
    I Met Santa!
  • My 1st Birthday Present!
    My 1st Birthday Present!
  • DSC_0275
    My Scary Christmas Present
  • This is so much fun!
    This Is So Much Fun!
  • Beach Bunny
    Between Sandbanks!
  • Bad Beach Hair
    Not Impressed With Her Bad Beach Hair!
  • Yum...Icecubes
  • Hail Storm On It's Way
    Hail Storm On It's Way!
  • Amber & Lili Hanging Out
    Hanging Out!
  • Like The Wind!
    Like The Wind!
  • Cheeky Lili
    Cheeky Lili

I have to admit it has been hard getting back into work mode after spending the last couple of weeks on Christmas break.

Amber has totally soaked up all the extra attention with my time replaced from the computer with late movie nights, sleeping in, day trips, play dates and visitors!

Amber experienced a few new milestones.  Here is a snap shot of how Amber spent her holidays:

•    Experienced my very first Christmas

•    Met Santa at the RSPCA Santa Paws AND I didn’t cry

•    Enjoyed my FIRST birthday!

•    Not yet convinced that the scary inflatable pool I got from Santa is a good idea

•    Had the bestest fun ever at the beach

•    Inadvertently learned how to swim after attempting to leap between sandbanks

•    Not impressed about travelling all the way home with bad beach hair!

•    Found out that I LOVE ice cubes

•    Got scared of my first hail storm

•    Hung out with my friend Lili

•    Learnt that Lili loves playing chases as much as me AND that she is like the wind!

So what did you do on the holidays?

Who Could Resist This Face?

Who Could Resist This Face?


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3 Responses

  1. littledogslaughed says:

    Those eyes could melt anyone’s heart-

  2. Clowie says:

    Your holidays sound exciting. All the best for 2014!

  3. Sheridan says:

    Amber is such a sweetie.

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