Play Date – LILI

Amber’s arrival has created quite a stir amongst my friends.  Many wish they too had their own little fur-baby as sweet as Miss A (aka Miss Amber).

My friend Michael has said to me many times before that he wished for a puppy, a Chihuahua or Poodle.  I sent Michael a photo of Amber and a week later along came lovely Lili a Chihuahua x Mini Poodle.  His two favourite breeds all in one dynamic crazy coat package!

Amber & Lilly

Amber & Lilly

Naturally, a play date was in order.  When Lili arrived at my house wrapped in the arms of her proud dad I looked at her teeny tiny size and thought my little gazelle didn’t look quite so little anymore.  Lili at just 8 weeks old weighed a pint sized 700g.  As proud parents we did the expected swap, inspect and cuddle of each other’s fur-baby before putting them on the ground to meet each other.

Amber was almost leaping out of her fur with excitement.  Lili not so much!  She was scared of the crazed eye looking puppy tearing around the yard and lunging at her face with tail wagging fiercely.  Amber even started pushing her soft puppy ball into Lili’s tiny face, encouraging her to play chases.

Amber Trying To Convince Lilly To Chase Her

Amber Trying To Convince Lilly To Chase Her

Slowly Lili started to come out further and further, much like a clown fish in the tentacles of the sea anemone.  She would tentatively tippy toe out from between one pair of legs, breaking free and tearing across the lawn to the safety of another pair of legs seconds before Amber would spot her new and now moving fluffy play thing.

Trying to engage with such an animated and vivacious puppy is scary.  Finally Lili decided enough was enough and play time was on, she was off in hot pursuit of Amber.  With such tiny legs it looked like Lili put in so much effort for very little gain.

When the afternoon finally closed and we bundled up our very tired and exhausted puppies, we agreed it would be fun to have regular play dates.

That night Amber slept so soundly that I was even treated to a morning sleep in.

Amber Exhausted After Her Play Date

Amber Exhausted After Her Play Date


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