Product and Service Reviews

Product & Service Reviews:

I usually have my very own pets test products or services for review.  Amber, Indy and Ralph are great for telling me if they think a product is any good.  I will however, if more suitable, sometimes have products or services tested with an array of my friend and family pets.  I would never write about something that my own, friends or family pets had not actually tried.

Writing a review does take time.  As much as we would love to offer them free to everyone, a posting administration fee does apply so that we can spend sufficient time in writing a great review about your product or service.  We do on occasion offer complimentary reviews, these are approved on a case by case basis.

Rescue Groups:  We happily offer complimentary review’s, stories and accept guest posts about your group and/or animal in need. Just ask us.

If we review your product or service:
1. It will be published on and shared on our other social media sites.
2. We ask that you are active in sharing the article on your own social media platforms and comments made.
3. Where possible, we would appreciate it if you could provide a link on your website to  A Flash Link can also be supplied.
4. You must supply a sample of the product and/or service to be tested for review.
5. We would also appreciate it if you offered a prize and/or discount that we can publish in the closing of the review for our readers.

If you would like Pressplay Pets to review* your product or service, please feel free to get in touch.  CONTACT US.  Please refer to T&C for further details.


 *For your product or service to be considered for review it must be safe, healthy and reinforce positive enrichment.  Products or services that at our own discretion we deem cruel, harmful or simply do not fit in with the Pressplay Pets culture will be declined.

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