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Guest Contributors: 
We’re looking for expert contributors to share their stories and experiences on a wide range of pet topics!  We are interested in contributors that would like to write for us on a regular basis, however, we also welcome one time contributions when the article supports what Pressplay Pets is all about.

Pressplay Pets is a blog for like minded pet owners who support a more natural and holistic approach to raising their pets.  Our focus is centered around diet, healthcare, exercise, positive reinforcement and welfare.

Do you have unique and informative content that will be of interest to our target audience – today’s modern pet parent?   While we invite all walks of life to write for us, we would be particularly keen to hear from:

  • Veterinarians, Nutritionists, Vet Techs, Medical Specialists
  • Rescue Groups
  • Active Dog Enthusiasts (ie people who get out and about with their dog; bush walking, hiking, bikerides etc)
  • Travelers (ie people traveling with their pets that have great stories of their trip including recommendations)
  • The Everyday Fur-Parent (That could be YOU!  Do you adore pets and have interesting stuff to share?)

We appreciate that your motivation for writing for us may be to build your own profile, brand or business, that’s o.k with us, we just ask that your articles are in the interest of our readers and are not for the sole purpose of advertising your business and does not contain links back to your own site within the body of the article (in doing so your article will be considered a sponsored post and will entail a posting fee).

Our way in thanking you for your time as our guest contributor is that we always include your short professional bio and link to your website/blog at the bottom of each post, so that is where you get to write something PAWsome about yourself.

We would appreciate that you tweet or share your post with your own friends and followers.  You took the time to write your piece, surely you want everyone to know?  You can tag us @PressplayPets.

Submissions must be completely unique and original, the article can not have be used elsewhere in print or online (including your personal blog or website).  Copyscape can confirm duplicate content.  Once your content is published Pressplay Pets own the right to edit, revise, remove submissions in respect to content, clarity, length, audience.

If you have something to say that would be helpful and interesting for our modern pet parents to read and want to post it on Pressplay Pets, please:

1. Email me a brief outline on what you have in mind.

2. Examples of your other guest posts (everyone has to start somewhere & if approaching Pressplay Pets is your 1st time that’s o.k, we love discovering new talent!)

3. Along with details about yourself (I want to know if you are a real person and not a dodgy scam ie: hotmails, gmails etc scream out potential dodgy – I don’t respond if I think that is the case). 

We ask that our contributors come up with their own ideas on what to write about, check out a few of our “posts” and “about” page to get a feel of what we are all about.

Please feel free to get in touch.  CONTACT US.  Refer to our T&C’s for additional information.

#If you want to write directly about your business, blog, product or service, or wish to include links back to either of these within the body of the article this will be considered a sponsored post and will entail a posting fee and sponsored disclaimer with the post.  Please CONTACT us if you are interested in “Sponsored” posts, “Content Marketing” or “Product/Service” review opportunities

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