Miss Amber Shines

As I opened the door to Amber’s room on her very first morning I was greeted by a very excitable little puppy tearing across the tiles from her bed wagging her tail and wriggling her entire body in total excitement.

As I snatched her up, kissing and cuddling her tight I exclaimed in a high pitched happy voice ‘what a good girl you are’ as I cautiously scanned around her room to survey the damage and noted that really for her first night in a strange place Amber did really well.  She didn’t cry at all the entire night.  Sure she didn’t quite get the newspaper but hey she’s just a little puppy!  She also seems to like lazy sleep ins, waking up at a respectful 7.30am.  How lucky am I to have scored a perfectly well behaved puppy!

Cheeky Little Girl

Cheeky Little Girl

By the third morning Amber decided it was time to allow her own original little personality shine and shine it did. It would seem that my perfect puppy has come with a built in alarm clock set for 5.30am sharp, 7 days a week.  This alarm clock does not come with the snooze button feature!

Amber has also recently shown me her artistic side.  I was woken up at 5.30am sharp to the cutest little growling sound and something else that I could not quite put my finger on.  What was that other sound?  Oh it’s paper.  Where could Amber possibility have gotten paper from?  The only paper in her room is potty paper!  Oh No!  I leapt from my bed and tore into her room so quickly I could have put an Olympic sprinter to shame.   Amber had decided it was time to redecorate!

Amber Redecorated

Amber Redecorated

The newspaper is now gone and replaced with wiz bang proper potty paper that absorbs all her business in a flash, no more piddle paws, not for my little girl.  She loves her potty paper and trots onto it with her held very high indeed.  I am starting to think that ‘Miss Amber’ as she has become affectionately known as in the hood, has quite high standards.  She simply was not going to continue doing her business on yesterday’s news.  Since the paper change her aim is nearly perfect each and every time.  What a clever little girl.

I love to watch the typical Papillon traits in Amber that Corey had.   It is also such fun to witness Ambers very own personality emerge more and more each day, her own style and differences that is solely hers and hers alone.  It has been a very long time since I have had to learn a new puppy.   ‘Learning’ a new puppy can be hard yet fun work all at the same time, however, totally and always worth every minute of it!  I wonder if Amber is thinking the same thing about me!


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