The Essential Accessories For Every Cat Owner!

Bringing a kitty home is a rewarding thing, but you better get ready with the right supplies upfront. These supplies should be purchased before you actually get the cat, since it can start exploring and getting used to all these elements right away. No major changes should occur during the first days in the new home either. Then, what are the most important accessories every cat owner should have?

Cat crate:  The cat crate is one of the first things you should get. You will most likely need to put the cat inside this carrier for the trip home. The carrier must be sturdy and safe, but it should also offer plenty of ventilation. Cardboard boxes can cause suffocation, while some cats might claw them. Generally speaking, you will find plenty of plastic units with a front door. Do not buy a small one, but a large one that can accommodate the cat as it becomes adult too. Chances are you will need it later on as well, especially when taking the pet to the veterinarian.

Food and water bowls:  Food and water should be waiting for your cat. There are more types of bowls in commerce. Ceramic is pretty safe though, as well as earthenware. Opt for heavy items with weighted bottoms. This way, you can prevent tipping. If you get a kitten, make sure they can reach to the inside. Clean the bowls on a daily basis and keep them far from the litter box. No one likes to eat and defecate in the same place. Cats are quite elegant and versatile, so they hate it too. Just come up with two different spots.

Food:  Cat food is extremely diversified. If possible, find out what kind of food the previous owner has used. Maintain the diet for a few weeks, as it adds to the overall comfort. You can just change it later. Keep in mind that senior cats and kittens have specific diets. They should not match an adult cat’s food. They have different formulas, depending on their weaknesses. For example, kittens require plenty of vitamins during their first months of life. On the other hand, senior cats require some light food.

Automatic litter box:  There are plenty of litter boxes in commerce. The cheapest ones are not automatic, but the self cleaning unit will clean by itself. This way, you no longer need to do it after your cat defecates. Furthermore, these automatic boxes allow you to leave home for a whole day or even go on vacation. Do not forget about automatic feeders either or at least hand the keys to a friend and ask them to feed the cat regularly.

Cat bed:  Finally, do not forget about the cat bed. You will be surprised to find out that cats like to fall asleep anywhere, from beds and refrigerator tops to tables and shoe boxes. With all these, the cat bed will become the perfect napping spot. It must be soft and warm. Make sure that it is also placed in a safe and comfortable spot.

Doesn't She Deserves The Best?

Doesn’t She Deserves The Best?

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