Can My Dog Eat That?

Dogs always seem to find a way to eat the food we’re eating. Whether they are looking up at you with puppy dog eyes, or taking a quick bite of your food behind your back, it can be difficult to know the impact all this will have on your dog’s health. Well now you have the answers thanks to an info-graphic from Woofs Upon a Walk!

The graphic explains which meats, fruits, and vegetables are good and bad for your dog, and it is extremely convenient to have all the information in one chart. The majority of foods are good for your dog’s health but there are certain ones you’ll need to avoid. Next time you want to give your dog a treat you can have the peace of mind that it isn’t affecting his health.

An important point to note is that if you are making any adjustments to your dog’s diet, you should consult your vet if your dog experiences any ill effects. Find out more now!

Infographic proudly supplied by: Woofs Upon A Walk.


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