Stop Puppy Mills!

Never more then before are households filling their lives with the love of a beloved dog, in fact the world dog population is around 300 million, many of them have unknowingly been purchased through a puppy mill.  With such a lack of mandatory animal welfare standards means unscrupulous breeders make it possible for puppy mills to exist.

Dogs in these facilities are often kept in small pens with no quality of life and a lack of veterinary care.  With no ability to exercise, socialise, play or interact with humans often means they have often already developed long-term behavioural or health problems before they even find a home.

The mother dogs suffer years in isolation.  The mother is kept in a cycle of breeding until she can no longer produce enough puppies to be profitable.  When this happens, the mother dog is usually destroyed and replaced with a new breeder.   Sadly only a lucky few make it to caring homes.

This Is No Way To Live!

This Is No Way To Live!

Puppy mills exist only because they remain hidden from public view.   

If you are thinking of welcoming a dog into your home, please always consider adopting from your local shelter, pound or searching known quality pet rescue websites.  You’ll save a life right there and then.

Never buy your puppy through the internet or a pet shop, as you will have no guarantee where they came from.

Where Did Your Puppy Really Come From?

Where Did Your Puppy Really Come From?

If you decide to buy a puppy from a commercial breeder, it is important to be very careful and do your research first. Find a breeder who allows you to visit every part of the premises, go into the kennels and see the parent animals and the conditions in which they live.

A reputable breeder will be open, honest and happy to answer all of your questions and show you around.  In fact, they should insist on it!  They should also in return want to screen you very closely so they are satisfied their puppy is going to the best home possible.  If it seems too easy to get your hands on one of their puppies – step back, do your research, you may be about to support a Puppy Mill.

Do Your Research.   Adopt.


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3 Responses

  1. Sheridan says:

    Say no to Puppy Mills , Pet Shops and Back Yard unregistered Breeders.
    If a rescue pet is for you , look for a non Kill Policy Shelter.
    RSPCA is a profitable organisation that has the highest kill . Please do not be fooled by this association .
    We have so many wonderful Shelters in this country
    DO Your research before adopting !!!

  2. Krystal says:

    How could anyone resist those beautiful eyes!

  3. Debbie says:

    I support your words here Nic…….say no to Puppy Mills. I have adopted a beautiful little dog from the RSPCA. He did not come with a known history as he was a stray. He has been welcomed into our household. The first few weeks he didnt let me out of sight and followed me everywhere. His confidence has grown, he is doing so well. He is a little sweetheart.

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