Savvy Tips for Moving Your Pets Interstate

Planning an interstate move is not easy: there are plenty of things you leave behind and many others you need to take into consideration. Things can be a little bit more complicated when there are pets as part of the household. As members of the family, pets will also be part of our new life in another state and, therefore, we need to act responsibly and ensure that they undergo the interstate moving process as smoothly as possible.

Whether you own a cat, a dog, fish or birds, animals usually find it hard to adapt to new surroundings. If they feel insecure in their new habitat they are more likely to run away, feel depressed or stressed out. And this is why we, as their responsible owners, should do everything we can to help them undergo the moving process as stress-free as possible. However, not many of us know exactly what to do.

In this article, you’ll find savvy tips that will help you when moving your pet interstate.

Schedule Your Interstate Move
Unless it is something totally unplanned that has turned your life upside down, it is advisable that you schedule your interstate move carefully. As you’ll soon discover, it needs to be planned almost to the detail and knowing well in advance more or less when everything needs to be ready will help you move forward with things more effectively and efficiently.

Plan Your Trip
Even though you’ll possibly travel interstate a couple of times before the final move, your interstate move cannot be taken lightly. Hiring a reliable interstate moving company is a must: the moving company needs to be experienced in transporting your belongings from one state to the other and it needs to reassure you that your things will arrive safely.

You’ll also need to consider how you will travel interstate. If you’ll take a plane, it is advisable that you opt for a direct flight wherever possible, not only for you and your family but also for your pet. Direct flights allow you to enjoy a less stressful trip and they are usually shorter.

Most local airline companies have their own regulations regarding moving pets interstate. They usually have restricted transport space and ask pet owners to hire the transport service through their cargo area and to provide specific carriers or hire the ones they offer. Bear in mind that not all dogs can be transported by plane: they need to be eight weeks old, healthy and not be aggressive. You should also remember to book your pet’s flight well in advance and require information regarding any additional insurance or fee you may need to pay.

If you’d rather travel by car, it is advisable that you book regular stops throughout the trip so that you can feed your pet and give it some water accordingly. As you’ll probably need to book hotels for you and your family, make sure that they are pet friendly.

Vet Talk
Take your pet to the vet’s and ask the health professional to perform a thorough medical check up on your vet. Tell him about your plans to move with your pet interstate and ask him to provide you with a copy of all your pet’s medical records and to inform you about any documentation, vaccine or certificate you may need to have at hand.

If your pet gets anxious or nervous easily or is prone to being affected by stress, your vet can suggest some drops or pills for your pet so that it doesn’t suffer so much during the interstate moving process.

Pamper Your Pet
From the moment you start packing things away to your first month in the new house, pampering your pet becomes a very important task. Especially if it is a cat or dog, let it get familiarized with the boxes and baskets and make sure that its favorite things (food and water bowls, toys, bed, blankets) don’t get lost.

In the days prior to moving interstate, provide your pet with a quiet room where it can be surrounded by its favorite things and separated from the obvious chaos of people removing furniture and boxes. Make sure it’s not disturbed in his space and that the people from the moving company know that they don’t have to enter to that room: remember that cats and dogs have a strong sense of spatial belonging and, therefore, they can easily feel menaced by these strangers and react aggressively.

Some families find it convenient to take their pet cat or dog to a good boarding home the days or week before moving interstate. This allows them to focus on the moving process solely.

On the moving day, pack your pet’s favorite things, some food and drinkable water and make sure you have some treats for it at hand.

Pay attention to your pet at all times, show lots of affection to it!!!

Once you arrive to your new house, allow your pet to adjust slowly to its new dwelling. No matter how enthusiastic you are about your new house, remember that it’s a totally new place for your pet and it probably feels insecure. Don’t allow your pet outside, especially without a leash if it’s a dog until you’re completely sure they have its ID tag updated and that your home is pet-safe.

Introduce your pet to one or two rooms at a time and don’t move forward until it feels secure. It is important that you create a sense of home for your pet as soon as possible. Even though you may now be miles away from your original home, having its bed, blanket, toys and bowls with it may allow your pet to feel at home.

As it can be appreciated, moving your pet interstate is not easy and there are plenty of things you should take into consideration. Hopefully, these savvy tips will allow you to handle an interstate move with your pet in the most efficient way possible.

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  1. Thanks for this post! I’m moving from Illinois to Idaho in few months and I’m taking my dog with me. It’s our first big adventure together and it will be a long travel by car. I’m still only planning and preparing, but hope Shadow will be fine with all that. She loves traveling in the car and that makes me this it will be a nice time spent together. Thank you for the tips and the ideas, I’m now more prepared and sure about my decision. Greets!

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