Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers!

Friends and family can be hard to buy for at the best of times, but what do you buy for the person who only has one love in their lives (and it’s their dog)? You could consider buying a gift just for the dog but that just doesn’t seem fair to the owner for whom the special occasion is for.

So what would make the perfect gift for such a dog lover? In order to answer that question we’ve put together this (hopefully) helpful list of ideas on gifts that might work for your pet loving friend.

Clothing Gifts: Everyone loves to receive new clothing, so why not think about clothing designed with dog lovers in mind? There are millions of fun and funky T-shirts for dog lovers on the web but if you want something that little bit more specialised why not go for clothing designed with their favourite breed in mind? If you are looking for something even more fun and unique you might want to consider matching dog and owner outfits? You can even buy matching sunglasses and jewellery for dogs and owners and there is something to suit every budget.

Gifts for the Home: There is so much scope for doggy lovers when it comes to ornaments or utensils around the home and the great thing is you should find something to suit your budget. If you are looking for something really unique why not consider personalized and matching human and dog food bowls? How about drinks trays, mugs or even a framed, personalized photo or canvas print of their favourite dog for them to admire or take to work so they never feel apart from their baby?

Excursions & Activities: Why not treat your friend to a day out somewhere dog friendly, by paying entrance fees to a private park? If you are feeling really generous you could even treat them to a day at the spa or a dog friendly hotel, after all it is hard for dog owners to go anywhere overnight due to the difficulties in finding a trustworthy dog-sitter. Better still, if you are on a budget why not offer to pay for a dog-sitter or print out a voucher for your own dog-sitting service for them!

Gifts for Dog Walking: There are some great, affordable dog toys and walking aids that will brighten up any trip to the park What about a Frisbee that doubles up as a water bowl, or a handheld ball sling for playing fetch? There are loads of gadgets that allow you to throw balls further without getting your hands dirty and there are even ball launchers for those owners who can’t keep up with their pets.

The good thing about buying for an animal lover is that there is always something out there to suit your budget, but hopefully some of the ideas in this guide will help inspire you to find the perfect gift. Happy Gift Hunting!

I Found The Perfect Gift!

I Found The Perfect Gift!

Author Bio: Tina Brown is a stay home mum to one full of life toddler and two even crazier dogs, a Cavalier and Chihuahua. When she is not doting on her babies and the fur babies you can find her freelance writing in the parenting, travel and lifestyle. Often dabbling in commercial writing, her main focus at the moment is creating magnificent pieces with The Canvas Factory.


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