10 Ways That Cats Can Help You Get Rich

Looking to make bank? Why not get a cat? Here are some ways that your feline friend could make you some cold, hard cash.

Internet Fame is Profitable

A viral cat video can rake in some serious revenue. Even if your cat doesn’t become the next Grumpy Cat, she can still make you a pretty penny if your video gets millions of views. So the next time your cat does something eye-catching, get out your camera.

A Pretty Penny!

A Pretty Penny!

So is Anything About Cats

Are you an artist or inventor trying to make the next big thing? Why not make it about cats? Sometimes, the simplest ideas can end up making you a fortune, and who knows that better than the creators of Neko Atsume? Neko Atsume is a Japanese mobile game that involves you trying to collect as many cats as possible, and it’s caught millions of cat enthusiasts by storm. The artwork is simple, and the gameplay isn’t deep, but its simple charm and cute kittens made the creators some serious bank.

Cats Can Make You More Productive

If your job relies on you being productive in order to earn cash, watching a few cat videos can make you more productive! As long as you don’t get too distracted, a cat video can lighten your mood, making it easier to be an adult. So reward yourself with a few cat videos, and you’ll be surprised at how your productivity rises.

Cats Help You Budget

A rich person is rich because they know how to spend their money. Knowing how to budget is the first step to becoming rich, and if you own a cat, it’s a good way to learn how to budget. A cat, despite being low maintenance, can cost you, and by knowing the costs, of say the best quality cat food, you’ll be able to budget accordingly. You can then apply this to other areas in life.

I'm Helping You Budget!

I’m Helping You Budget!

Cats Can Help You Live Longer
If you have more time on this earth, you can make more money. That’s why you should get a cat! Cats can lower your risk of heart attack and stroke, and can make you live longer. More time to live means more time to make money. Plus, your life, in its own sense, is the most valuable thing you have.

Cats Can Reduce Your Stress

When you’re running a business, or trying your hardest to make a deadline, stress can kill your mood to work, thus making you lose money. Whenever life is too stressful, why not pet a cat instead of grabbing a stress ball?  Cats can reduce stress. Sometimes, better than exercise. If you’re trying to keep your stress levels down, grab yourself a cat.

They Make Good Advertising

If you’re running a small business and are trying to get the word out, why not use your cat in your ads? Cats, as well as other animals, are good for advertising. A funny cat can make your potential customers laugh, a cute kitten can make your customers squeal with delight, and an angry cat can fire up your customers. Add a cat or two in your ads, and see what they can bring you.

Purrfect Companion

Purrfect Companion

Good Office Companions

If you run a small business, why not let your employees have cats in their offices?  This gimmick may sound silly at first, but it can attract a lot of people to work for you, and your customers will love seeing all the cats. Plus, a cat in the office may end up making your employees more productive. If you haven’t thought about putting cats, or other pets, in your workplace, why not try to?

It Can Help You Find Your Soulmate

Having a companion can cut the bills in half, saving you money, and also enrich your life. If you own a cat, you can easily find your purrfect companion. If you’re a man, some women will be all over you, too. There are even websites for cat owners to mingle, so the opportunity to find your cat companion is even easier. Sure, you need more than just a love for cats to find love, but a mutual interest is a good start.

You’re More Educated

Those who have more education tend to make more money. What does this have to do with owning a cat? Well, as it turns out, a cat owner tends to be more educated than their canine-owning companions. Now sure you might argue the distinction between correlation and causation but that probably means you own a cat. Also this is typically because cat owners are more introverted, and would rather be reading a book next to a cute sleepy cat in their bed than going to a party. By being a cat owner, you’re hitting the books, learning life skills, and will eventually earn the money!

So if you’re looking to make some more money, why not get a cat, or use cats for your business? It may earn you a purrofit you didn’t imagine.

More Educated?

More Educated?

Author Bio: Emily Watson is the Chief Creative Cat at Catological.com a cat information website. She’s the proud cat parent of two loving kitties. Find out what she’s up to next at catological.com




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