A Very Special Day

Today is the 7th October, a very special day to me.  It is Corey’s birthday and he would have been 19.

18 And Still So Handsome!

18 And Still So Handsome!

Rather than allow that sad feeling of loss creep up inside me, I instead decided to make it a typical day that Corey would normally have had enjoyed.  So, I packed Miss Amber into the car for a nostalgic journey to one of Corey’s most favourite places – Sandgate.



Today also happens to be Labour Day – a public holiday.  That means Sandgate is going to be jam packed full of kids, mothers, fathers and dogs…lots and lots of dogs.  The weather is hot and humid.  Leaving my place the temperature was 38 degree Celsius (100.4 degree Fahrenheit).  Arriving at Sandgate the temperature has dropped to a lovely 28 degree Celsius (82.4 degree Fahrenheit) and the breeze is cool.  The tide is up which means more people than usual are pushed up onto the grass and under trees for shade.

Relaxing View

Relaxing View

Amber was so excited to get out of the car.  I think she remembered where she was, this was the place she learnt to walk on a lead.  She raced across the grass and onto the footpath that runs along the length of the foreshore.   Scanning around she had no idea which direction to go, there were people and dogs everywhere!

She spotted two huge shiny black Dobermans’ with their mum walking along the only bit of dry sand and was keen to go play.  The mum however appeared a little cautious giving us the watchful eye, so I decided that maybe they were not so keen on little dogs.   We continued along the path until crossing paths with a cute little Chihuahua.  He had just celebrated his first birthday!  Amber thought he was the best as they bounced and danced around until both leads were tangled in a hopeless knot.

I looked down at this happy little girl so care free just enjoying the moment with the salt in her eyes and wind in her fur.  I wonder can she feel Corey’s spirit.

Wind Swept Girl

Wind Swept Girl

After a half day of wind, sand and dog play a hot, bothered and windy swept Amber was bundled back up into her car seat for the journey home, in air conditioning of course!


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6 Responses

  1. WOW! What a great way to get out of grief and into the love of your lives together!

    ArOOOO, Stuart

  2. Clowie says:

    I think that was a lovely way to remember Corey.

  3. Goodvibes Pappys says:

    we will all acknowledge Coreys birthday here at GOODVIBES Amber looks very happy girl

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