Pet Insurance – Is It Worth It?

There are numerous studies that indicate owning a pet can contribute to better health; such as lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and stress levels. However, when your pet becomes unwell it can feel like your worst nightmare.  Just the thought, can you feel your blood pressuring rising?  We all know how extremely upsetting, stressful and not to mention costly it can be!

Pets Are Family

Pets Are Family

Sadly many fur-parents have had to make the heart breaking decision to put their pet to sleep with the realisation; they simply cannot afford the costs associated with their pet’s illness or injury.

Are You Prepared For The Unexpected?

Are You Prepared For The Unexpected?

Pet health insurance can help contribute to unexpected and routine veterinary expenses by paying anywhere between 80% – 100% of costs. But which one do you get your cover through?  With their clever marketing campaigns designed to grasp at your heartstrings and with an ever grown list of companies offering pet insurance, it is well worth doing some research before choosing the best cover for your beloved pet.

Many of the companies are even backed by the same insurance giants, so it comes as no surprise that the policies appear confusingly similar. Most offer a range of policies including ‘accident only’ and ‘accident and illness’ also known as ‘comprehensive’ with various cover levels. A few even offer some cover for routine items such as vaccinations and heartworm treatment.

Will You Cover Your Pet For ‘Accident Only’ or ‘Accident and Illness’?

Will You Cover Your Pet For ‘Accident Only’ or ‘Accident and Illness’?

2 Dogs = 2 Real Life Examples:

Diagnosis:                                              Canine Haemorrhagic Gastroenteritis
Intensive Care Hospitalisation:        2 Nights
Treatment Cost:                                   $883.80
Insurance Covered:                             $707.04

Diagnosis:                                              Obstruction – Foreign Object
Hospitisation:                                        2 ED & 2 General Vet Visits
Treatment Cost:                                    $1169.60
Insurance Covered:                              $928.72

Can You Afford On Going Medical Costs For Life?

Can You Afford On Going Medical Costs For Life?

So Where Do You Start?

If you simply type “Pet Insurance” on the net, you will discover dozens. Most are pleased to display their cover options and some even have a “quick quote” function available. Great news if you are just looking around for a general idea on price and cover options.

To get you started, below is a random selection of providers:

RSPCA Pet Insurance
Medibank Pet Insurance
BUPA Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance Australia
Insurance Line
Pet Plan
Real Insurance
Woolworths Pet Insurance
Prime Pet Insurance

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Insure your pets as early as possible, before any medical conditions develop
  • Most insurers have an age limit, so get in before they are too old
  • Do you want just accident (eg: hit by a car) or accident & illness covered
  • What is the waiting period
  • Compare each companies ‘Policy Disclosure Statement’ (PDS)
  • What are the policy exclusions
  • When does a medical complaint stop being covered
Does Your Insurance Cover Your Pet In Old Age?

Does Your Insurance Cover Your Pet In Old Age?

Still Confused?

There is no better recommendation than word-of-mouth!  Ask your fur-friends who they have cover with? Have they made a claim? Were they happy with the outcome? They are likely to give you the most honest feedback around!

We Are Covered for Life!

We Are Covered for Life!

Disclaimer: The information contained in this story is for general reference only. We have not included the details of all pet insurance providers available; the list is a random selection and by no means an endorsement by Pressplay Pets. Insurance policies and the cover offered can change you need to conduct your own research or contact a qualified insurance professional before taking out pet insurance.

Author Bio:  Nikki is pack leader at Pressplay Pets, a blog for the modern age pet parent interested in health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting.  She is also proud mum to cute and cheeky Papillons ‘Amber’ and ‘Indy’ and one crazy Rainbow Lorikeet named ‘Ralph’!  Follow my Facebook and Twitter.


Pressplay Pets a blog for the modern age pet parent interested in health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting!


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3 Responses

  1. David Marsh says:

    It is quite natural when our family members get ill, we cannot feel comfort. Most pet owners consider their pets as their family members. So, when they also fall ill, all the members in the family become worried. Vets always suggest to take care of them properly. Despite proper home care and routine health checkups, sometimes they are infected with some kind of diseases. That means their bodies are vulnerable to get affected by diseases. To reduce their medical expenses, you should insure your pets. You have to search for insurance with good plan and premium.

  2. Tyson says:

    Good post Nikki! There are also three other providers I could think of: Petbarn, Seniors and Bow Wow insurance.

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