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Indolent Eye Ulcers

Many months ago, Indy kept rubbing his face excessively, was squinting and the white of his right eye was very red. After a visit to our wonderful vet Dr Lucilla at Monier Vet Clinic,...


My Dog Has Meningitis!

Since my last ‘memoir’ post quite a few weeks back about little Indy’s trip to hospital for a suspected ‘raw chicken bone obstruction’ further medical events have unfolded which ultimately has resulted in Indy...


A Bit Of A Rascale!

Aries Dog:  Born 21st March – 19th April Temperament:  Enthusiastic, Bossy & Daring Suggested names:  Buster, Daredevil, Dash, Captain. They forgot Rascale! My sisters dog Rascale was the essence of the Aries dog.  A...