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Addisons Disease

What is Addison’s Disease? The medical name for “Addison’s Disease” is “Hypoadrenocorticism” also known as “Adrenal Insufficiency”. Addison’s Disease is caused by an underactive ‘insufficient’ adrenal gland.  The adrenal gland is located just in...


Quite The Lady!

It always breaks my heart when I look at pet rescue sites and see hundreds of dogs big and small, young and old looking for their fur-ever home. To me, a pet is for...


Collateral Damage

When Corey, aka “Angel Boy” was a puppy the only thing he ‘chewed up’ in the house was the corner of a ‘Belle’ magazine (he did have good taste, no TV week for my...


It Got A Little Chilly!

We are smack bang in the middle of winter in Down under! Our winter falls between June – August, our ski fields in New South Wales and Victoria are at peak with the icy...


Amber & Indy Zoomies!

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Bon Appetit: KANGA-LOAF

Amber and Indy eat a very natural and usually raw diet.  They eat over a week a mix of meals from Barf, Salmon & Steamed Pumpkin, Kangaroo, Raw Chicken Wings & Boiled Chicken with...


Make A Pawsitive Connection

Living in a multi-dog household is loads of fun, I love it!  With that said, I would be lying to you if I did not also admit it does come with some challenges! I...


Let’s Roll….

Corey loved the wind in his face.  He enjoyed going for a drive in the car because he could sit on your lap, put his head out the window and feel the wind in...