Dog Friendly Winter Holiday In Queensland

How good is it in Queensland right now?

The days are cool yet beautifully sunny, enough to enjoy a lovely alfresco lunch or walk along one of our stunning beaches. The nights are chilly, enough for a fire or snuggling up under a blanket with a classic movie.

One of our most favourite dog friendly places to stay in Queensland this time of year is Lindsay Cottage located in the beautiful township of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, just 1 ½ hour drive north of Brisbane.  Buderim is perfectly situated away from the hustle and bustle of the “touristy” beach front spots; yet only a short drive away if you do want to get your feet in the sand.

The Back Deck At Lindsay Cottage

Our aim for this little break was simple; relaxation and yummy food!

Day 1: First stop was to try a cute little cafe and wine bar I heard about that is just 5 minutes walk from our cottage in Buderim Village.

The Shak – Buderim Village

The Shak known for sourcing from local farmers and producers has a healthy and delicious menu. We devoured “The Gatherer” (sautéed greens, quinoa, mushrooms, avocado, poached egg, and dukkah) and “Poached Chicken on Turkish” (poached chicken, crushed pea and pistachio pesto, avocado, watercress served on Walters Artisan toasted Turkish bun).

The Gatherer

Chicken on Turkish










Day 2: Mooloolaba! Today is about mindfulness and relaxation, starting with a lovely long stroll along beautiful Mooloolaba beach.

Beautiful Mooloolaba Beach

For lunch it was back to our favourite cafe on the coast, The Velo Project. With their tag line “Simple honest real food made with true love” they could not be more accurate! The menu, as always, is amazing!

Dogs Allowed!

This time we could not go past trying the crepes we had heard so much about; nutella, fresh strawberries, mascarpone, hazelnut & chocolate brownie crumble and fresh blueberries, orange, lemon myrtle syrup, macadamia crumbed vanilla ice-cream. Simply divine!

Nutella Crepe – So yummy I had a bite before taking the photo!

Orange Crepe











From the “Dogue Menu” Amber and Indy got to try a “Poochy Chino” for the very first time! Amber took one look and decided she was not even going to try this frothy lactose free milk bowl topped with kangaroo liver sprinkles.


No Thank You, I Do Not Want Any Of The Poochy Chino

Indy loved it! Beginning to resemble Cujo as he slurped up almost the entire bowl.

Day 3: Peregian Beach! What a beautiful day for another walk along one of our most beautiful beaches. So good for your soul!

Beautiful Peregian Beach

For lunch we popped into arguable the Sunshine Coast’s most dog friendly destinations. Peregian Beach Square; has been described as “a lush, intimate local haunt that maintains its ‘village’ roots but with a modern ‘boho’ edge”. They could not have described this place any more accurately!

Lunch was at the Baked Poetry Cafe, located smack bang in the middle of the square. It has a relaxed atmosphere.

Baked Poetry Cafe – Peregian

Watching All The Other Doggies and People At Baked Poetry Cafe!

We settled on trying the “Baked Poetry’s Staff Salad” (greens, pumpkin, mushrooms, capsicum, eggplant, fetta, olives, SDT, hommos and Vollkorn bread) and “Chicken Breast Open Sandwich” (chicken breast, salad, chive mayonnaise and dressings). They were fabulous!  Be warned through; much larger serving size than expected!

Chicken Breast Open Sandwich

Baked Poetry’s Staff Salad










It was a much needed break made so much more enjoyable with Amber and Indy being accepted in so many places. Tough life for 2 little Papillons!


Author Bio:  Nikki is pack leader at Pressplay Pets, a blog for the modern age pet parent interested in health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting.  She is also proud mum to cute and cheeky Papillons ‘Amber’ and ‘Indy’ and one crazy Rainbow Lorikeet named ‘Ralph’!

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Pressplay Pets a blog for the modern age pet parent interested in health & care, news, reviews & personal accounts of unconditional love & at times heartfelt pain of pet parenting!


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