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Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis (HGE) in Dogs

What is it? HGE as most commonly called is a potentially life-threatening intestinal condition.  HGE manifests as very sudden onset bloody, watery diarrhea.  Vomiting is also often present.   This may seem like your usual...


A Bit Of A Rascale!

Aries Dog:  Born 21st March – 19th April Temperament:  Enthusiastic, Bossy & Daring Suggested names:  Buster, Daredevil, Dash, Captain. They forgot Rascale! My sisters dog Rascale was the essence of the Aries dog.  A...


Autoimmune Disease…Are We Causing Them?

Ok, firstly let’s clear up the confusion between Autoimmune Diseases and AIDS.  The term “Autoimmune disease” Abbreviation AID for (A)uto (I)mmune (D)isease) is often confused with AIDS (A)cquired (I)mmune (D)eficiency (S)yndrome which is a...