15 Unique Presents for Cat Lovers

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s or your friend’s birthday; the biggest dilemma you face is shopping for the perfect gift. If your friend happens to be a crazy cat lady or a genuine cat lover, you just got lucky!

There are tons of gifts available for cat lovers and their kitties at amazing prices. Without even having to spend much, you can delight your friend with a wonderful gift that they will cherish. Below are some great gift ideas that you can look into, to make the decision a whole lot easier:

1.         Window Perch

Gift Ideas Cat Person (5)

Scratching Post

All cat lovers like to keep their felines warm during the winter months. Gifting a window perch to your friend for their pet cat will surely warm your friend’s heart and their kitty as well.

2.         Scratching Post

A scratchy post will be a great gift for your friend’s fluffy buddy this valentine. Cats love scratching themselves against coarse surfaces and take pleasure in doing so. A happy kitty will make your friend happy as well.

3.         Laser Toy

Cats just love chasing laser beams. And if your friend’s cat is a little on the hefty side, this would make a great gift. Not only will the cat enjoy chasing the beam around, it will also shed off the extra pounds and become more active.

4.         Catnip

What can be a better treat than catnip for Thanksgiving? If your friend does not let their cat indulge in such little pleasures frequently, make the kitty’s Thanksgiving more fun with this delicacy.

5.         Colored Balls of Yarn

Gift Ideas Cat Person (4)

Cat Tent – Looks Like Fun!

Simple yet fun! Colored yarn balls will make your friend’s cats ecstatic. The gift will be light on your pocket and will make your friend’s furry playmates squeal with delight.

6.         Cat Tent

Give your friend’s precious kitty a tent to call her own.

7.         Cat Mugs

If your friend is a genuine cat lover, they will be delighted to get one of those cool cat mugs that say “I love my cat” or have a cute picture of a feline on them.

8.         Cat T-shirt

A variety of cat T-shirts are available in the market, some have pictures of cats while some have cat faces or funny cat quotes on them.

9.         Welcome Mat

An adorable cat-face welcome mat will make your friend scream with joy.

10.      Cat Locket

No better way to express your love to a friend than gifting them cat lockets or charms. They work great as a birthday or Valentine’s Day gift.

11.      Emergency Meow Button

Gift Ideas Cat Person (3)

Cute Cat Charm Key Ring

If your friend misses their four-legged friend at work, gift them an emergency meow button. It runs on batteries and is portable so your friend can calm down to the sounds of the reassuring meows from the device.

12.      Cat Decal

A laptop decal for your friend will surely add a personal catty touch to your friend’s laptop.

13.      Cat Phone Cover

For this birthday, get your friend one of those cool cat covers so she can show off some feline attitude!

14.      Cat Ring

The best way to propose to a crazy cat lady is to offer her a cat ring. Those cute rings with little ears on them will melt your girlfriend’s heart in an instant.

15.      Cat Fridge Magnet

Fridge magnets with pictures of kittens or a crazy cat saying will make a great gift for your friend this Christmas.

Choose the best gifts from the options above and make occasions even more special for your beloved cat crazy friends!

Gift Ideas Cat Person

For The Love Of Our Feline Friends!


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