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Amber and Indy’s 1st Night Together

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Who’s Who In The Zoo?

I always felt that Amber needed a doggie friend, a little brother.  She loved the company of dogs, from her familiar regulars to brand new dogs she has just made friends with.    I also...


Look Out…Indy’s In The House!

Indy has just had his final vaccination and now only has to endure another week of home isolation before he can explore past the front door!  All this isolation time has been driving him...


Along Came A Little Indian!

According to American Indian Legend, “If anyone desires a wish to come true they must first capture a butterfly and whisper that wish to it”. I feel extremely blessed to have Amber in my...


A Beautiful Butterfly

I remember my mother telling me about a time when I was very little our family visited a friend who had imported a Papillon puppy.  I do not have a single memory of that day.  I...