Community Pages

We want to encourage the community to get out and about with their fur-kids!  To have fun with other like minded doggie people and help spread the word about events dedicated to helping animals in need!

Do you have something to “Bark Out” about?

  • Fundraising Events Supporting A Shelter Or Rescue Group
  • Doggie Play Dates (including Breed Specific Play Dates)
  • Social Group Bike Rides That Include Your Dog/s
  • Social Pack Walks (including Breed Specific Pack Walks)
  • Dog-Friendly Events, Destinations or Venues

Of course this is not an exhausted list!  CONTACT US If you have something to “Bark Out”  about.

Note: Pressplay Pets do not support backyard breeders and puppy mills. We will refuse to advertise dogs/puppies and cats/kittens for sale under these circumstances. Please do not ask if this is your case.


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