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15 Unique Presents for Cat Lovers

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s or your friend’s birthday; the biggest dilemma you face is shopping for the perfect gift. If your friend happens to be a crazy cat lady or a genuine cat...


50 Shades Of Greyhound…..You Can Change The Ending

Last Monday night many Australian’s watched in horror, shock and utter sadness when ABC Four Corners screened “Making A Killing”, with undercover footage taken at various private Greyhound race training facilities across Australia they...


The Lengths Some Will Go To….

1am Sunday 1st February: I was woken to the sound of Indy whimpering and trembling!  Immediately I rushed Indy to the Animal Emergency Centre. The on duty vet commenced triage of Indy’s presenting condition;...


Home For The Holidays!

Amber and Indy are finding it very hard to get back into “work mode”. Who can blame them!  We stayed home for the holidays, which means they have just spent the last few weeks...


Merry Christmas 2014

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Never Work With Children Or Animals!

Last week I decided I wanted to get a really cute photo of Amber and Indy in their Christmas T-shirts for our facebook cover page. I did eventually get a nice photo which is...


The Merry Adventures In Sherwood Forest!

OK so not the actual “Sherwood Forest” where you expect to come across “Robin Hood” and his band of “Merry Men”, rather Brisbane’s “Sherwood Arboretum” which was established in the early 1920’s is just...