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Bon Appetit: KANGA-LOAF

Amber and Indy eat a very natural and usually raw diet.  They eat over a week a mix of meals from Barf, Salmon & Steamed Pumpkin, Kangaroo, Raw Chicken Wings & Boiled Chicken with...


Make A Pawsitive Connection

Living in a multi-dog household is loads of fun, I love it!  With that said, I would be lying to you if I did not also admit it does come with some challenges! I...


Let’s Roll….

Corey loved the wind in his face.  He enjoyed going for a drive in the car because he could sit on your lap, put his head out the window and feel the wind in...


Do Pets Hold The Key To Our Health?

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world with over two thirds of households owning a pet of some sort.  Quite simply put, pets are part of the Australian...


Who’s Who In The Zoo?

I always felt that Amber needed a doggie friend, a little brother.  She loved the company of dogs, from her familiar regulars to brand new dogs she has just made friends with.    I also...


A Pretty Raw Deal?

The pet food industry is a booming market with just four companies alone “Procter & Gamble”, “Nestle”, “Mars” and “Colgate-Palmolive control a whopping 80% of the world’s pet-food market. However, the market is changing...


A Million Paws Walk Together!

The 18th May 2014 marked the 20th year of the RSPCA Million Paws Walk! This year there was over 20,000 fur parents with their beloved pooches who came out to walk together against animal...